When Life Gives You French Baguettes, Make French Baguette Sandwiches to Satiate Your Hunger

The french baguette is a very famous bread given its crusty outside and flavorful inside. But it can sometimes be tough (and boring) to just slather the bread in butter and eat due to its hard exterior. You usually have to heat it up to soften the baguette. But what if we told you that in the time it takes you to prep your baguette, you could prepare a très bon sandwich?

French baguette sandwiches will be loved by all and are very easy to make. These sandwiches have the power to transport you directly to France. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get to it!

Time required for preparation: 

15 minutes

Ingredients Required:

French Baguette


French Ham (replace it with roasted eggplant for a veggie sandwich)




Black pepper 



Generously apply butter to the baguette. Make sure that you do not apply too much butter, as that can overpower the flavours.

Layer some french ham into the baguette. Make sure that you use fresh ham only. 

For a veggie sandwich, use roasted eggplant instead of ham. Make sure to freshly roast the eggplant before use.

Add the tomatoes and cucumbers along with the lettuce into the baguette.

Add black pepper and salt to taste.

Voila! Your sandwich is ready!

Special Tip– Try to eat or serve your sandwich as soon as you prepare it. The tomatoes and cucumbers contain water that can turn your French Baguette Sandwich soggy in a short span of time!

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