Flavoured Oil Sampler New

Gourmet Garden brings you the finest range of flavour-induced olive oils. This amazing culinary collection of the finest oils is every foodie’s dream and will help you place the chef’s hat firmly on your head. Just a drizzle of these oils is bound to add an aromatic symphony to your food.

In this flavoured oil sampler, you get four herb-infused oils: Rosemary, Oregano, Basil and Garlic infused in premium extra virgin olive oil. These premium oils are made of the finest ingredients with no artificial flavouring, making them the perfect fit for your family’s health. 

The olive oils are fresh-squeezed from the best olives in Spain, cold-pressed and bottled up to keep your taste buds happy and your heart young. Try these out now and add that blissful aroma to all your dishes. It’s time to sprinkle your culinary treats with some flavour and love!

How to Use:

Just drizzle the oils on pasta, salads or any other dish that you wish to and enjoy the numerous benefits of these amazing oils. These oils will help you give the ultimate twist to your everyday dishes.

How to Store: 

Store in a cool, dry place


4 bottles of 50 ml each