Dreaming of Imitating a Michelin Star Chef? Take a Crack at This Yummy Oyster Mushroom Soup Recipe

Oyster Mushrooms are famous for their nutritional qualities and amazing taste. But how do you incorporate this exotic mushroom into your everyday routine without breaking a sweat or your bank? Fret not; prepare the uber-popular Oyster Mushroom Soup to add life to your lazy evenings. Sounds interesting?

Let’s get to it. All you need are some Oyster Mushrooms and a few other ingredients (which can be easily found in your kitchen). Read on to take your taste buds for a drive!

Time required for preparation: 

30 minutes

Ingredients Required:

Oyster Mushroom– 3 cups

3 tablespoons Olive Oil

Chopped leeks

Chopped celery

Minced garlic

White miso paste

Garlic powder

Vegetable broth

Lemon juice


Black ground pepper to taste


Bay leaves


In a large pot, add some olive oil along with leeks and celery. Cook for 10 minutes.

Add a pinch of garlic powder to the pot.

Now, add the vegetable broth, oyster mushrooms, water, carrots and bay leaves. Bring them to a boil.

Let it simmer and cook for 20 minutes.

Add the garnishing as per your taste, and serve hot! Enjoy this delicious soup on your couch while bingeing on the latest shows!

Special Tip– Do not overcook the leek and celery. Make sure that you cook them until they are translucent; overcooking might destroy the flavour!

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