Busting the myths around Mangoes 

Everytime you crave a mango, do you stop and go “Oh no here come the pimples!” Or “STOP, it won’t suit my stomach!” Well you are ABSOLUTELY WRONG! 

It’s time to get your Mango facts right and stop overthinking!! 

The 3 most Common Myths around Mangoes:

  • It’s too hot and causes diarrhea – There is an extremely SIMPLE WAY  to prevent the heat in mangoes from affecting your body. Dip the mangoes in water for some time before consuming it – this will not only protect you from the heat but also keep your tummy happy!! 
  • Mango = acne – This myth makes us want to almost scream because Mangoes DO NOT cause acne! They are high in Vitamin C which is actually great for your glowing skin! Mangoes are actually very beneficial for your skin health!
  • Mangoes are fattening – Seems almost a sin to believe such unappetizing myths about one of the most appetizing fruits in the world!! Fact Check: While Mangoes are high in natural fruit sugars, they are extremely nutritious.! They do NOT make you gain weight when eaten in moderation! Packed with Vitamins & Minerals, mangoes are super healthy and hence provide you with more nutrition than the sugars they carry! 

Whether you whip them into a smoothie, bake them into a cheesecake, gorge on them as is or add them to a healthy fruit salad a mango a day is absolutely doable, healthy and nutritious for you! Rich in Vitamin K and Vitamin C and minerals like potassium & magnesium, the mango contains your daily requirement of these nutrients.  For everybody and every occasion there is a mango – so celebrate and relish your mango everyday of the season!